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About Pub Quiz

Originally started in the British Isles, Pub Quiz is a fun team trivia game that is now played around the world.


Teams may consist of 1-6 people. To play, each person must be physically present. No answers or help from people not present, not on your team, or via computers, cell phones. Mr. Internet is banned from play for life.


There will be 5 rounds as follows:
Round 1 Questions (1 minute each)
Round 2 Pictures (10 minutes)
Round 3 Questions (1 minute each)
Round 4 Music (10 minutes)
Round 5 Questions (30 seconds each)

Correct Answers are all worth 1 point each. Between each round, scores will be tallied, the winning team announced, and the scores of all teams reported. The correct answers for each question will also be revealed.

Each team that wins a round receives a $6 Port City gift card. In the event of a round tie, a sudden-death tie-breaker question will be asked, and repeated if necessary.

The overall winning team for the evening receives a $20 Port City gift card. Sudden death rules still apply in the unlikely event of a tie at the end of the evening.

Bullshit Rule (aka: Nobody is Perfect & the Internet Sometimes Lies!)

When the “correct” answers are read at the end of a round, if you feel strongly that the answer is wrong, be the first to yell “Bullshit” or “Wrong” (or your favorite objection).

If it turns out you are right and the Quizmaster is wrong, you will get 2 bonus points added to your score, as well as a point for the right answer.

All other teams with the right answer will get credited for that answer as well. But be warned! If you call bullshit and you are wrong, 2 points will be deducted from your score... So be sure!